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How To Start Making Money With Monezilla Ads

Instant Website Monetization

When we say “immediately,” we mean immediately. Monezilla thrive for the fastest website approval and moderation. Monezilla‘s Self-Service Platform for publishers is a powerful control panel where you manage the monetization of your website or blog.

If you’re looking for an AdSense alternative, you should take a look at Monezilla, and not just for approval speed. We make it easy for any publisher or webmaster to grow by placing almost no limits on the number of website visitors. Our two and unbreakable rules are traffic quality and traffic authenticity. We also show zero tolerance to bot traffic and spam clicks, which we easily identify and ban.

If you’re new to website monetization or looking for alternative or supportive ways to increase your passive income, check out our updated guide to getting started with Monezilla. We overview the entire platform and guide you step-by-step to set up the publisher dashboard, pretty straight forward is for advertiser also.


Register or sign up as a publisher or advertiser


First step

Your first step to making profits with Monezilla is registration. Please navigate to and choose sign up.

Registration page

After you hit SIGN UP AS A PUBLISHER OR ADVERTISER, you will be redirected to the registration page. The first step is elementary. You enter your name and email and few other details, and then click CONTINUE.

You see our service message where we ask you to check the email and follow the verification link.





What’s inside a publisher’s account

#1 How to add your website to Monezilla

The first page you see after signing in is the Websites page. It is core for your traffic monetization and business growth. Now you don’t see any items added. Let’s add your first website. Click the blue ADD NEW WEBSITE button.




In a new window, you choose to add zone name unique to your website. That’s the initial step to making money with Monezilla. Although pretty clear, let’s examine it.




Next you will need to choose which types of banners to display on your blog/webiste, creating ad type is straight forward you can’t miss anything, and if you are unsure what to setup, our team will help and create one for you.